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Glass optical components design service
Simphoton experienced engineers can design the opcical compnents like waveplate, lens, prism based on your application. Please just let us know your idea, we'll make it real.
Custom optics fabrication service
Please just send your design and drawing to us. We'll make custom optics according to your specifications. Customer provided materials is acceptable for custom order. Click for more.
Coating service
We can coat on your own optic substrate to meet your different applications. Please refer to the optical coating chapter for our coating capability.
Rework service
All the products within validaty period can be rework for free.
Contact us if your parts are over validaty period.
Order conditions and terms
Validaty: 90 days (typical).
Payment: T/T
Customer shall purchase Products by issuing a written purchase order signed by an authorized representative, indicating specific Products, quantity, price, total purchase price, shipping instructions, requested delivery dates, bill-to and ship-to addresses, tax exempt certifications, if applicable, and any other special instructions.
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